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Using FMS2000-F Color Sorter
with Customer Material

To deliver the best support for our customer, Satake Indonesia holds a test facility in the central city of Surabaya, equipped with an high quality and performance as well as smallest type of optical sorting machine for testing / demonstration purposes, which can satisfy customer with small amount of sample sorting

This facility combined with its highly skilled engineers, makes it possible for customers to conduct sorting/processing tests using their own samples. Then Satake Indonesia provides systematic evaluation of our customers product process as well as solutions to their needs.

The optical sorter at SGI’s testing facility is the FMS2000 which is equipped with the latest tri-chromatic optical sensors, having capability of analysing the slightest colour differences at high resolution. This function along with the reliable Japanese made hardware, means FMS is designed to deliver stable and easy operation for many users in Indonesia. Below are some of the sorting applications SGI has delivered to the customers in the past.

  • Coffee (roasted, Robusta & Arabica raw beans)
  • Coriander
  • Peppercorn
  • Tree Nuts
  • Dried Coconut
  • Crackers

The above are just a small portion of the sorting applications Satake has successfully delivered in the Indonesian market. 

If customers have other  materials requiring sorting demonstration such as:  Almond, Cashews, Edamame, pasta or other dried noodle, Dry Snack Food and Confectionary, Olives, tea, Tobacco, seaweed, Industrial plastic or other Bulk Solids,  Dry Pet Food and Kibble, or any other material –  SGI can call on  support from the worldwide Satake group , such as Japan as our leading group, or its other affiliated companies in Thailand to perform tests nationally or internationally.