Laboratory Equipment

Product Advantages and Features :

  • 2-in-1 Compact Body for Laboratory Use
  • Simple Operation and Cylinder Change
  •  Precise Separation
  • Wide Variety of Cylinders Available
  •  Easy Maintenance

Product Advantages and Features :

·       Rubber roll type husker
        Because of the large diameter rubber roll used, it is easy to obtain a high and uniform husking ratio.

·       Easy operation
        The operation is easy and quiet.

·       Husking condition can be seen
        From the outside you can confirm the husking condition.

·       Easy carrying
        Lightweight construction facilitates transportation of the machine.

·       Built-in aspirator
        Brown rice, husks and immature are separated automatically by a built-in aspirator.

Product Advantages and Features :

·       Easy operation
         This machine is appropriate for checking milling yield and rice whiteness before beginning a large milling job.

·       Eight different rotating speeds
         The variable speed pulley can run the milling roll at eight different rotational speeds.

·       Three types of milling rolls
        Three type of milling rolls are provided as standard. (For white rice: #30#36#40, For brewer’s rice: #40#46#60)

Product Advantages and Features :

·       Displayed three milling indicators
         Milling degree, which is an indicator of the percentage of bran removal, is calculated by a microprocessor from the measured whiteness and transparency values. In addition, whiteness and transparency, which are indicators of appearance, are also displayed.

·       Rapid analysis
         The Satake MM1D can accurately analyze a sample within five seconds.

·       Easy operation
         The Satake MM1D analyzes milled rice without the need for preliminary grading or grinding. It is only necessary to place a rice sample into the sample case and insert the case into the unit. All measurement is accomplished automatically, with no special skills or techniques required by the operator.

·       Display of measured and average value
         The LCD allows greater reading accuracy. Averaging of up to five sample values is done automatically. Results are saved up to 999.

·       Objective measurement
         The Satake MM1D eliminates subjective judgments of milling degree. This is especially useful whenever an objective appraisal of milling degree is necessary, such as in the prevention of over-milling and under-milling in rice whitening lines.

Product Advantages and Features :

  • Easy operation
    Just insert the sample, turn the handle and push the measure button to measure moisture.
  • No problems with paddy
    Switch between paddy, brown rice, white rice, barley, wheat, and naked barley at the touch of the select button.
  •  Increased accuracy
    Advanced microprocessor calculates average moisture rate automatically.
  • More useful
    In addition to moisture rate, number of measurements, average moisture rate, high moisture (H), low moisture (L), and battery life can also be displayed.