Satake FMS2000 Compact, Multi-Purpose Sorter. The Satake PIKASEN FMS2000 is a compact, full color RGB optical sorter ideal for small and medium size applications

Advantages :

  • Highly Cost-effective, Excellent User-friendly Operation: The new feature, automatic sensitivity creation system enables the machine to sort various materials in high accuracy. Its simple material feeding and discharging system makes the machine very competitive in price.
  • Satake Smart Sensitivity: Simply scan both accept and reject products, then press button to automatically create the color profile for easy sort setting.
  • Stable Supply of Material: New material supply system (cut gate + cascade) provide various materials to flow smoothly with stable capacity.
  • Accurate Shape Sorting: Shape Sorting enables the machine to sort the material by shape (such as broken or adhered) which conventional color sorters could not achieve.

The Satake RNEZX is a high capacity, full color sorter available with size and shape detection technology. It comes in 2 models: 4500 with 6 chutes and the 7500 with a massive 10 chutes. It is ideal for sorting products like dry beans, coffee, seeds, wheat, and other grains. The RNEZX sorter features Satake’s patent-pending-software assuring quick set-up and hassle-fee operation. It also comes with the assurance of Satake’s premiere after sales customer service and support team.

Product Advantages and Features :

  • Full color RGB cameras
  • Long-life LED lighting rated at 20.000 hours
  • Precission 5mm pitch air ejectors
  • Size and shape detection technology
  • Automatic defect profile creation
  • Three stage sorting system
  • Real-time sampling areas
  • High capacity vibration feeder system
  • Sturdy support frame with lift points
  • Quick and easy change over option

The Satake RGBR optical sorter features advanced full color sorting technology with RGB camera image analysis, offers a high capacity solution for removing inorganic and foreign material and product defects making it ideally suited to commercial use.

The RGBR can also be equipped with the latest InGaAs near infrared (NIR) cameras to allow detection of impurities such as glass, plastic, stones, sticks and other inorganic material that may be identical in color to the good product.

Product Advantages and Features :

  • Full Color Cameras
    The machines is equipped with Japan’s latest full color cameras which allow the sorter to match the eye’s ability to see trus color. The smallest color deviations are identified and rejected
  • High Capacity
    336mm wide chute provides high processing capacity. Two chute types are available: flat and grooved. Optional mounting parts are also available to optimize material flow.
  • Three Stage Sorting System
    Precise sorting is achieved with three stage sorting system. Rejects from primary-sort will be sorted twice to minimize product loss. ..
  • Advance Color Touch Screen
    The large modern color touch screen is designed for easy use and is operated the same way as smart-phones (flick scrolling)
  • Automatic Profiling
    The machine incorporates advanced software to evaluate the color profile of the product application. It then automatically creates the sensitivity settings for accurate defect removal
  •  LED Lighting
    LED lighting is applied for optical section to maintain good performance and also long lifetime will reduce machine’s running cost.
  • NIR Function
    The NIR camera defects inorganic fereign material such as stones, plastic, glass and other items that have a similar colour to the accept product.

The All New Satake BELTUZA belt sorter provides continuous inspection to ensure the highest quality product by removing unwanted foreign material, discolorations and misshapen product while maintaining maximum yield.

Product Advantages and Features :

  • Stable Belt Conveying

    The belt stably and uniformly conveys the materials to assure high sorting accuracy.

  • Shape Sorting

    Abnormal shapes such as broken and connected product can be sorted by the “Shape Recognition” technology.

  • NIR Sorting (CSV600BM)

    NIR camera detects inorganic foreign material such as stone, plastics and glasses having similar color to good product.

  • Automatic Sensitivity Creation

    Satake’s sensitivity creation system allows the users to adjust the sort setting easily in every material.

  • LED Lighting

    LED lighting for optimum sorting and longer lifetime.

  • Hygienic Stainless Steel Body

    Detachable components for easy cleaning and maintenance.